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South Burlington, VT

I’m Going to Get Divorced and Don’t Know What to Do.

Your worry: You know you're about to get divorced and feel frozen.

The issue: You know you’re heading down the road towards a divorce. You and your spouse just aren’t getting along. You’ve tried counseling and that hasn’t worked. You're at the end of your rope and know that something has to change, you just don't know what.

going_through_a_divorceYour story:  You’ve been married for a long time. You feel like your marriage is going to end. You’ve tried everything you can think of. 

Once you start the process of leaving your spouse you’re afraid your world is going to fall apart. You have friends in common. Who’s going to inherit them? You don’t want to damage your children. You’re worried about having enough money. You really don’t want to fight about who gets what.  There seems to be no good ending in site.

When you talk with your friends their advice doesn't seem to be right.  You would love to find someone who can help you work through the issues.  You just don't know how this person might be.

Issues you might have...


  • You're worried about your finances after getting a divorce
  • You're worried about whether you'll be treated fairly in a financial settlement with your divorce
  • You've never managed your money and don't know where to start
  • You don't want to have your children damaged by going through a divorce
  • You don't trust your spouse and for that matter, don't trust many other people


  • Put together a financial plan and budget that shows if you have a problem.
  • Get advice on what the laws are in your state about the assets your family has developed.
  • Learn how to budget where your money goes before leaving your spouse.
  • Get advice on best practices for having your children survive your divorce.
  • Learn what creates trust and then realize when trust is being built or torn down.
When in transition work book