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South Burlington, VT

Melissa Gamelin

Melissa_Full_Sized“I love to learn from our clients.”

I love to interact with our clients. Helping them solve problems makes a great day for me. Whether it’s helping them track down one of our advisors, make administrative changes to their accounts or helping an advisor prepare for a meeting, I get a chance to help someone’s day get just a little bit better.

I find that the variety of clients that we work with always keeps me interested in what’s going on. When I come to work, my daily goal is to help the lives of our clients be smoother. I know how frustrating paperwork that’s not done properly can be. I want to make sure we get it right the first time, every time.

At Stage 2, our purpose is to help make our clients' lives better. That’s my goal whether at work or at home. I’m really proud of the two children I’ve raised. They’ve turned into extraordinary people. When I get a chance to help them be better it makes my life better.

I’ve learned the same thing at Stage 2. Helping to make our clients' lives better also makes my life better. I get lots of satisfaction helping our clients get things done in an efficient and timely basis.  When I do things on time, they don’t have to worry. I like when I can help someone have a little more peace in their life.

To contact me please either email me or give me a call at 802-846-1264.

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