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South Burlington, VT

My Business Doesn't Take Advantage of its' Opportunities

Your worry: My business doesn’t take advantage of its opportunities

The problem: Your business is successful by most measures. You're frustrated because you don’t believe your business is taking advantage of opportunities.

Creating_ValueYour Story:  You’ve been in business for ten years or more. People outside your business think you’re very successful. Sometimes you think, “If they only knew.” The days are past where you’re worried about meeting payroll and having enough money to operate for another year. You’re way too involved in the decisions in your company. You no longer supervise people doing direct work. You do spend a lot of time worried about whether your managers are making the right decisions. You worry about getting a nasty surprise that could really set your business back. 

You've always thought that good business owners figure it out. This has worked well in the past, but now you feel like you're stuck. You wish there was someone who you could talk with and you've not yet found this person. All the advisors you have like to tell you what to do.  Sometimes they give good advice, and sometimes you wish they listened better to your problems.

Issues you might have...


  • I have to be involved in every decision.
  • We spend too much time trying to figure out who to sell or we sell to the wrong people.
  • We should open new markets and we just never seem to get around to it.
  • I really never know where we're successful and where we're not.
  • I don't always have the right person doing jobs in my company.


  • Take yourself out of day-to-day operations in your business
  • Use a strategic marketing process that hels you identify your best customers
  • Learn how to evaluate new niches for your business
  • Put together a dashboard that provides you with key information that lets you guide your business
  • Have a strategic hiring and coaching process that helps you identify who the right person is and how to make them successful. 
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