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South Burlington, VT

Wealth Management - how should I invest my money?

What does responsible investing mean?

The issue: You’ve created a lot of wealth and you want to make sure you're being a wise steward with your money.

WM_InvestmentsYour story: You’ve created significant assets. You have a couple of investment managers.  You often walk away from meetings with your advisors more confused than when you walked in.  You would like them to speak in terms that you understand and are often confronted with investment jargon that makes no sense for you.

It would be wonderful if your investment managers really understood what your goals are and helped you develop investment plans that support what's important in your life.  You often feel that your investment managers think your money is actually theirs.  The advice they give is from their point of view and that's more than a little frustrating for you.

You're sure that investing doesn't have to be as complicated as you've been led to believe.  From time to time you think about changing managers and at the same time you're more than a little afraid to do so.  If only someone would make this whole process easier.

Challenges you might have...


  • I don't like to feel dumb when I speak with my investment manager.  I wish they used common terms I could understand.
  • I would like to know how my investments tie in with my life goals.
  • I want to know that I'm being a prudent steward for the assets that I've accumulated.
  • I want to feel comfortable, and know that my investment advisor will treat my spouse with respect if I'm gone.
  • How do I know I have enough money for my own needs and can make contributions to support my community?


  • Make your investment advisors use common language.  Doing so will help you figure out whether they understand your goals.
  • Have a conversation with your investment manager about your life goals.  Make sure they keep those goals in mind as they develop an investment plan for you.
  • Have clarity around your goals to help know if your investments are following what's important in your life.
  • Make sure your spouse attends review meetings with you.  See if your investment advisor draws both of you into the conversation.
  • Think about having a financial plan done where all of your financial needs are modeled.
Basics of Investment Management