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South Burlington, VT

About us

Our Purpose: Helping to make our clients live's better.

Each of our Stage 2 Planning staff has a unique expertise and style.  We encourage you to take time to look at each of us and discover who has experience in an area you're interested in.  After reviewing who we are and what we do, we invite you to have a conversation with one of us.

To set a time to speak with one of us, call us at 877-880-5112 or email us and we'll get back with you to set a convenient time and date for your conversation.

Vermont Associates

Josh-Patrick-financial-planning-professional Josh Patrick - Founding Principal Focus: creating business value, private business wealth management, business sucession planning.

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Chris-Douglass-Financial-Planning-Professional Chris Douglass - Focus: retirement planning, wealth management, investment planning.

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Sandie-Maynard-Financial-Planning-Professional Sandie Maynard - Focus: life changes, wealth management, retirement planning

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Jess Jessica Hannon - Vermont client service manager

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essica Hannon

New York Associates

Rick-Harris-Financial-Planning-ProfessionalRick Harris - Founding Principlal Focus: retirement planning, estate planning, asset management

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Jason-Heller-Financial-Planning-ProfessionalJason Heller - Focus: wealth management, retirment planning, risk managaement

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Kim-Harris-Financial-Planning-ProfessionalKim Harris - New York client service manager

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