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I spend way too much time trying to get my clients to involve their spouses in important decisions.  I then spend way too much time trying to fix planning problems as a result of not involving a spouse in major conversations.

It’s really very simple, your spouse is involved in your business and your spouse should be involved in major decisions.  If they aren’t, you know you’re just heading for trouble…..

Ask yourself this question, “how would I feel if the shoe was on the other foot?”  You didn’t like it very much did you?  So, why in the world do you think it’s OK for you to make major decisions about your business that your spouse isn’t involved in?

Here’s some things for you to consider:

Your spouse knows more about your business than you think.

This is also true about your children and their knowledge of your business.  You might think your spouse isn’t aware of what’s going on in your business.  Have you ever stepped back to think about how much of the conversation you have with your spouse is about your business?

Doesn’t it make sense to you that your spouse would pick up at least a little about what you’ve been talking about.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you talk about your business with your spouse more than anyone else.

Your spouse is likely going to be the only one who gives you unvarnished feedback.

Here’s a secret you’re not going to like.  No one in your business tells you the truth.  Not your employees, not advisors you pay not even friends you consider peers.  There really isn’t any upside for any of these groups to tell you that you’re going off the deep end.

Your employees will get fired, your advisors will get fired and your friends just don’t want to bother.  On the other hand, your spouse will give you great feedback.  If it’s negative, then it’s probably something you need to hear.

Your spouse has a vested interest in your decisions.

There probably isn’t anyone in your life who has more to lose than your spouse if your plans fall apart.  You might even say that your spouse has at least as much risk as you do.  Don’t you think it just makes sense that he gets a vote in what’s going on?

I know that when I have a vested interest I am much more thorough in any answer I might give.  I won’t say, “hey boss that’s a great idea.”  That is unless I really believe it.  Do yourself a favor, talk about your decision with your spouse before you make it.

It’s a good thing to have someone disagree with what you want to do.

Since we’ve already established your spouse is the only one who will give you unvarnished advice, don’t you think it’s a good idea to get some of that advice? If no one is at the table who disagrees, you need to find someone who can.  Your spouse just might be this person.

Looking for alternate ideas helps you hone in and sharpen your thoughts.  Isn’t this what you want as you grow your business?

You got involved with your spouse for a reason.

I know I got involved with Suzanne because I had a lot of respect for who she is and her thought processes.  I’m just doing myself a disservice if I don’t talk with her about important decisions I’m about to make.  She just might help me avoid a boneheaded move.

I’m going to bet the same is true for you.  You got involved with your significant other for a reason.  I assume that part of that reason is because of his intelligence.  Don’t be a fool, get your spouse involved in what’s important to you and your business.

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