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Really, you are kidding aren’t you?

I’m not talking about a vacation that’s going to cost you $20,000 to some fancy and fabulous resort.  I’m just talking about a garden-variety vacation where you get away and change up your routine, just a little.

You really do need to change your routine.

The best thing about vacations is that you change your routine.  I know you always are fresh and can think clearly.  If you believe that then I have a great bridge I would like to sell you.

Here’s the sad fact….or, just a fact.  You get stale.  If you just go to work, keep your head down and work, work, work you are missing an awful lot.  You are missing great things to do with your family, you’re missing great experiences you could be having and you’re missing potential ideas for your business that could change your world.

If you don’t take vacations, your family will hate you.

Well, they might not hate you but they certainly will wish that you spent some time with them.  It really doesn’t have to be a lot of time. 

I know way too many business owners who didn’t take time off.  They sometimes lost their wife; they sometimes lost their kids.  Sometimes their business failed and they just had no support system when they needed it the most.  Don’t let that happen to you.

Life is too short and you don’t want to miss it.

If you ask your spouse, they’ll 100% agree with this statement……”It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”  You need to make sure you have a journey that’s worthwhile. 

Vacations are part of the journey.  My father likes to say, “Take time to smell the roses.”  I’ve learned that he’s right on the money.  Just switching up what you do a little will make your life better and for me that’s always worth the time and effort.

Vacations will give you great ideas on how to make your business better.

I know that some of the best ideas I’ve gotten have been while I’ve been on vacation observing what other people do with their business.

When I’ve gone to Disney I’ve been fascinated by how well they run their operations.  I was so fascinated that I even ended up signing up for one of their executive management courses.  I still use the things I learned even though it was over 30 years ago.

I watch how ski areas are run.  I notice how some areas have great customer service and some should just be shot and put out of their misery.  I often ask people who work there what makes their ski areas unique.  I can tell you some of the answers have helped me create a better business and some have given me warning signs of what not to do.

And, for me business and a personal life are best when they’re integrated.  Just doing one thing all of the time gets really boring.  Vacations allow me to add more spice and interest to my life.  I hope you learn this before it’s too late.

Your spouse will appreciate your efforts.

Let’s get to the real issue here.  If you only work and tell yourself that you’re doing this for your family, you’ll be sorely disappointed later in life.  I hope that you have gotten the idea in just a few minutes that you really need to take time for yourself and for your family.

I’m not telling you to separate your life from your business.  I’m just saying you really do need to make time for both.  If you spend too much time playing, there is a real chance your business will suffer.  At the same time if you spend too much time working your relationship with family and friends suffers. 

The reality is it’s a balance.  Start by having a conversation with your spouse.  They’ll tell you the truth.  If they say, “I understand and you can skip the vacation.”  You better be watching their body language.  I’ll be willing to bet it’ll be said in a small voice that just isn’t believable.

For me, taking vacations was a tough thing for me to wrap my arms around.  Now, that I’ve gotten used to taking them, I look forward to getting away from it all.  Yes, I still answer email while away and I even occasionally do a phone call.  It’s a small price to pay to re-charge and see a different part of the world.

What do you think?  Do you think this makes sense for you?

Hey, I have a favor to ask.  If you liked this blog post, can you send it to some friends? I would love to spread the word on how important vacations are.

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