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This is a John Mauldin article you don't want to miss out on.  If you think the jobs report last week was a good one, think again.

The truth is you don't want to be just floating along thinking your job is safe.  Artificial Intelligence is coming and it's coming much faster than anyone thinks possible.

In this post, Mr. Mauldin points out some of the flaws that we and our government are pursuing when it comes to the subject of jobs, jobs, jobs.

From the Mauldin Blog

Almost every weekday, some arm of the US government issues some sort of economic statistic. News media and financial analysts review and report it. Then 99.9% of the adult population, and probably 90% of the financial industry, forget all about it. And they’re probably right to do so.

Read John Mauldin's post here: via Automatic Job Storm Coming

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