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This is a question I ask myself regularly. The answer unfortunately is often no. I don’t know about you, but living up to your potential for me has been hard work.

I have a problem and it wouldn’t surprise me if you have it too. I’m a fan of bright shiny objects and it’s easy in today’s society to get sidetracked from working on things that are important in our life.

Understand the difference between important and urgent.

This is a big deal. When something is important, you are in charge of the schedule and how you go about doing the activity. When something is urgent, it usually comes from someone else that wants something from you.

I like to think of urgent as being reactive in that you’re reacting to something that’s happening in your life or business. When you’re at this place, it always costs you money.

When you work on important activities, it’s usually proactive, and this is where you make money. Does the difference make sense to you?

If it doesn’t feel productive, it probably isn’t.

I know that when I’m not feeling productive, it’s because it’s something I know I “need” to do, but don’t want to or it’s something I likely should not be doing. When we’re not feeling productive, it means something in our mindset is out of whack. Make sure you work from a point of being productive.

If you’re not being productive, then ask yourself whether you should be doing the activity. I’ll be there is someone in your life who would be better at doing this activity than you.

Realize you will only live up to your potential at best a few hours a day.

This is important. Working up to your potential is tiring. You need to have maximum energy and it’s important for you to know when in the day you have that energy.

If you’re trying to work up to your potential and you just don’t have the energy, take a break and do something else for a while. Come back to this activity when you’ve recharged.

Sometimes we’re just bored and we need to make a change.

If you’ve done the same activity over and over for years, there’s a good chance you will get bored doing it. Unless you stay energized by things you’ve done for years, it’s time to move on from that activity.

Too often I see people like you who are burned out, and it’s almost always because they’re doing something that’s boring them. If that sounds like you, make sure you move that activity off of your plate.

You are the one who decides.

You’re the one who gets to decide whether the activity you’re doing helps you live up to your potential or not. If the answer is no, stop doing that activity.

Whey don’t you let me know what you think about living up to your potential in the comments below. I would love to know what you think about this topic.

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