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One of the interesting things about living in the United States that if you’re a male or a leader you’re not allowed to be vulnerable. I find that state of affairs one that doesn’t 

help us make our lives better.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had times where I’ve allowe

d myself to be vulnerable that have led to great outcomes. It’s when I’ve taken the biggest personal risks to my ego that I’ve gotten the best returns.

Being vulnerable means you’re willing to listen.

If you’re being vulnerable you’ve put yourself in a position to listen to what others say. It’s pretty hard to be arrogant and highly narcissistic when you’re vulnerable.

By definition being vulnerable means you’ve decided to try to learn something about yourself. If you’re feeling that you need help then listening is part of the game. If you have the need to talk a lot you’re not being vulnerable. If you’re willing to listen you are. It’s really that simple.

When you’re vulnerable you’re more likely to ask for help.

People who have all of the answers don’t ask for help. If you’re being vulnerable there’s a good chance that you’re also asking for help. You’re not going to be vulnerable if you know what to do and you know how to get there. You’ll be vulnerable when you don’t know.

It’s when we don’t know or think we don’t know that we’re willing to ask and listen. Even if you think you know the answer, being vulnerable and asking could help you make a very important distinction. What do you think?

Sometimes being vulnerable feels like you’re taking a huge risk.

If you’re a male being vulnerable is a really difficult thing to do. If you’re a leader you’re supposed to have all of the answers. Have you noticed that sometimes the best leaders are the ones who don’t know and ask for help? Those leaders are being vulnerable. Those leaders are allowing others to take the lead.

When I’m being vulnerable I’m always taking a risk. I know that if I’m not working with someone who respects my vulnerability I could do myself some damage. The damage might be in the form of my ego being hurt or someone could take advantage of my “weakened state.”

You’ll have to admit that you’re not perfect.

When you ask others for help you’re admitting that you’re not perfect. You’re admitting that you can use help. We often believe that if we’re a leader we’re not allowed to ask for help. If we do then someone else might take our leadership role away from us.

If you examine that belief you’ll likely find that it just doesn’t make any sense. If you make yourself vulnerable and ask for help you’re more likely to gain respect from those you work with. No one likes a know it all. I can vouch for that from personal experience.

You can get some unbelievable results if you trust.

The reason you want to trust and take the risk are the results you’ll get. Many times the people we work with aren’t giving us their best. Since you haven’t asked, they haven’t volunteered. Those who are around you don’t volunteer if they believe you’re egotistic or arrogant.

If you’re humble, you’re in a better position to have others help. Isn’t that what you want in the first place, others stepping up to the plate?

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