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Every morning, or almost every morning I do a journal entry. One thing I write about is a daily meditation I do on Stoicism. The one I did this morning I thought was appropriate for having a great life.

The title of the meditation was “Show not tell what you know.” As I was writing my thoughts about this, it occurred to me that Epictetus was telling me that this is all about “walking your talk.”

No one listens to what you say.

When I think about walking my talk, I realize that this statement refers to whether people ever really listen to what you do. In my experience those who are in our world watch what we do and then decide based on that.

This is especially true with our children or employees if we own a company. Both groups really don’t spend a lot of time listening to what you say. In fact with many, what you say is just background noise they’ve learned to let go by.

Instead, they will watch what you do and see if what you do is consistent with what you say. I’ve learned that this is really the only communication that matters.

Walking your talk is about integrity

For me, one of the most important things I have is my integrity. If I say one thing and do another, I’m the one who pays the biggest price. I would say that would also be true for you.

The biggest lesson I take away from Stoicism is that we need to focus on the things we can control and let everything else go. This is where walking your talk comes in. You can control whether you’re consistent with what comes out of your mouth and the actions you take.

Try to think both over the next week. I bet your life will be better if you do.

I hope being authentic is important for you.

This is the crux of this post. I want authenticity to be a part of your life. When it is, you’ll find that your life is better and people will appreciate you for who you are.

Stop trying to please the crowd. Think about your own values and then ask yourself whether you are living your values or just pretending to do so.

Here’s an interesting experiment I want you to do. I want you to figure out what your top five values are. Then I want you to think back over the last week and see which of these four areas your actions have support.

  • A core value where you’ve walked your talk 100% of the time.
  • An aspirational value where you’ve talked about a value or something that’s related to the value but it’s not something you did. You intend to, but just not now.
  • An accidental value where your actions are accidentally not what you intended.
  • A permission to play value where your actions allow you to walk your talk the vast majority of the time…say over 80% of the time.

Wherever you land is fine. Just know where you stand and if you really intend for a value to be a core value, then walk your talk and let the world know what you stand for.

Why don’t you scroll down and leave a comment about what you think about walking your talk?

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