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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the concept of wisdom in our lives recently.  I think it’s something we probably think about more as we get older. It’s hard to have any real wisdom without also living a fairly long time.

My meditation today is more around where wisdom comes from than what it is. I believe we all have a definition of wisdom and I will bet each one of ours might be just a little different.

For me, wisdom is the totality of what we’ve had in our lives. The experiences we’ve had, lessons we’ve learned, books we’ve read, education we’ve received and the mistakes we’ve made.

Why wisdom is important.

For me, wisdom makes us do the right things in our lives. At around fifty years old we figure it out. We get things right and the amount of dumb mistakes me make goes down.

I see this with the private business owners I work with. Up till they’re someplace in their fifties, they ten to make lots of mistakes that cost them lots of money. Then when the owner turns fifty, the business takes off. This rarely happens because some magic appears. It happens because the owner has gained enough wisdom to do the right things.

Wisdom requires curiosity

Those who’ve developed a significant amount of wisdom have done so by asking lots and lots of questions. They’ve learned from questions they’ve asked themselves and questions they’ve asked others.

You will not learn unless you’re curious. If you’ve ever watched a toddler, you see they are curious. That doesn’t mean they're wise, it means they’re learning. At some point we decide we’ve learned enough and we stop being curious. This might be the biggest issue we face as we try to gain wisdom…we stop being curious about what makes the world work.

I want you to gain curiosity in your life again. I want you to be curious and I want you to gain wisdom from that curiosity.

Being wise means being humble.

If we know all the answers, we’re often referred to as know it alls. I know it all is not wise, they often aren’t even right. They just have an opinion where they can brag about all they know.

In my experience those who are wise are humble. They likely have a strong ego and have a clear opinion about what they know, but they don’t force that knowledge on others. They keep the confidence to themselves and show themselves to work as people who want to learn.

Does this sound like you or are you a little on the arrogant side where you have all the answers. I know that when I was younger, arrogance was all I had. As I’ve aged, I’m hoping my arrogance has gone done while my wisdom has risen.

It’s hard to be young and wise.

This is a question I often see. Can you be young and wise? In one sense, the answer would be yes. We often refer people who are young and wise to as having old souls. To me, that just means they have knowledge maturity well past their years.

For most young people they aren’t wise, even though they often think they are. If you’re young and want to gain wisdom, find some older mentors who will share their wisdom with you.

I want you to stay in the game.

If you’re over sixty years old, I want you to share what you’ve learned over your life with others. This becomes more and more of a challenge as we age. Younger folks believe that those of us who have been around the sun a few times have little to add.

You will need to fight for the right to be heard. You might have to go places where it’s a little inconvenient. You might have to stand up for your right to be heard. If you don’t do this, you’re not be fair to the world. Instead, I want you to share what you’ve learned.

I know that if you do this, your life will be more fulfilling and making it through the transition of aging will be more satisfying and help to improve your life. After all, isn’t that what we all want.

Why don’t you scroll down, leave a comment and let me know what you think about wisdom and what you’re doing to use your wisdom in a positive way.

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