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In our hyper-connected world we’re never supposed to be lonely. The key word here is supposed. I’m not buying the hype. The interconnected world isn’t making us closer, it’s making us move further away.

Whether you’re addicted to your phone for social media, the news (like me) or just texting with “friends” you might feel you’re connected. The sad fact is, you’re not. Unless you learn to put the phone down, that is unless you’re talking on it, the device we all carry around is making us less connected to the world and people around us.

Humans need real connection

We need real connections. Not those where we like what a friend say or leave a comment on Facebook. Those are nice and they don’t really provide any sustenance. It’s almost like eating a donut and then wondering why we don’t feel better after.

In fact, most times we will feel worse. The same can be true from our social media posts. We think we’re interacting when we’re not.

Interaction requires real physical contact

I’m not talking about hugging, kissing or intimate contact. I’m just talking about looking at someone in the face in real time.

I talk with people all over the world using FaceTime or Zoom. It’s better than just talking on the phone, but it’s not the same as being in the same place. In my world, there is nothing better than looking at someone face to face, have a great conversation and then feel I’ve connected with that person in a real and important way.

This is not a rant from an old person

You might see this post as that way. It’s not. My purpose with this post is to start a conversation about how we can stay involved and not feel lonely.

This is a bigger problem for those of us who are getting to the age where we work less, or have retired. Our social system has gone away from the working world and for many we never get around to replacing this world.

The problem this causes is we become separated from others and the longer it goes on, the harder it is to get started again.

My free advice

Make sure you keep up those face to face contacts. This is especially true after you retire. Humans need real human interaction. Keep this in your life and you’ll be happier. I promise.

Why don’t you leave a comment below about what you’re doing to keep real human interactions in your life?

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