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One of my favorite concepts comes from a book from Steve Farber titled Greater than Yourself. In the book Steve talks about a journey where his hero discovers that making others greater than you is an activity that not only is worthy but makes the world a getter place to live.

I think this is something that makes sense and something that is really worthwhile thinking about. This is especially true as we get older and we’re much closer to the end of our life than the beginning.

This also fits in with the environmentalist moniker of leaving the world better off than we found it. Unfortunately, we don’t spend enough time on that goal, nor do we find people we can work with where help them become more than us.

One reason I enjoy working with rising generations in business is it gives me a chance to mentor and mold younger folks into being better at business than I am and better than their parents are.

I know this might sound a little arrogant and it’s. It is something I think about a lot and I hope its something you might consider. If you’re over 55 and definitely if you’re over 60 I want you to think about what it would mean in your world if you helped someone or several someones in being better than yourself.

Better doesn’t have to mean they make more money, it doesn’t mean they have to do something bigger, it just means greater than you. The place you want to start is answer this question, “What would greater than myself be?”

For me, it’s having someone be more patient and build an organization that is safer for all than the ones I’ve built. I learned the lesson about safety in the workplace much later than I should. Now, I focus on this and the results with companies who do this are extraordinary.

My question to you is are you willing to first define what greater than yourself means and second are you willing to take action to help someone reach the place of being greater than you?

Why don’t you let me know in the comments below?

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