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The Secrets You Learn When You Make Yourself Vulnerable


In the days of the coronavirus we all are probably feeling vulnerable. The question I have is are we acting vulnerable and if so, how scared are you doing that?

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Topics: honesty, being real, vulnerability, being vulnerable

Where Does Empathy Fit Into Your Life?

Be empathic with others.

I have a confession to make. I’m not the most empathetic person in the world. I know I should be more empathetic and I’m not.

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Topics: Leadership, listening skills, empathy, good communication

You Have A Responsiblity To Share Your Wisdom


Zig Ziglar, the motivational speaker, had a great saying. It is, “You can get anything you want as long as you help others get what they want.”

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Topics: wisdom, sharing wisdom, wise decisions, be a mentor

Learn About The Wonderful World of Wisdom

Wisdom comes from mentorship

I spend a lot of time writing and thinking about what wisdom is. I like to think how we can share the wisdom we’ve developed over our lifetime with others.

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Topics: learning experiences, Mentor, wisdom, life long learning, sharing wisdom

Two Words and Two Phrases We Need To Stop Using

Stop using these words and phrases

One of my pet peeves are certain words and phrases that live in the English language. I find these words offensive. Not in the way you might think. They’re offensive because of what the result is of using them.

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Topics: effective communication, honesty, stop using this word, stop using this phrase

Be A Finisher... Be A Winner

Be a winner, be a finisher

I’m one of those people who love to start something new. I’m also that same person who gets bored and often leaves projects undone while chasing a new bright, shiny object. I know I shouldn’t do this, and the allure of something new seems to get my attention every time.

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Topics: projects, finishing, fail fast fail cheap

Without Purpose You're Just Wandering Through Life

truth-tonythetigersson-tony-andrews-photography-dependent-cause-and-effect-now-just-do-it-work-strive_t20_Oxlb7p (1)

One of my favorite questions I ask others is, “What is your purpose in life?” Most of the time I’m greeted with a blank stare. They’ve never thought about purpose or how it fits in with their life.

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Topics: Mission statement, values discovery, Values, purpose, personal mission

How Long Do You Want To Live?


I think this is a reasonable question to ask. It could be today or soon life expectancy will go to close to 100 years and soon after that it’s likely to move to 120 years old.

I know that when I ask this question to most people they furrow their brow and say with enthusiasm, “I have no interest in living that long.” That may because the thought goes with this is, “I’ve seen too many people have long and painful deaths and if getting older means that, I have no interest.”

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Topics: aging, aging well, long life

What Did You Love Long Ago That You Can Love Again


Life is long, and it’s getting longer every year. If you were born in the 19th Century, your life span would have been short. If you were an adult in 1935 when Social Security started your life expectancy wasn’t even 65 years old.

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Topics: retirement, work after retirement, Saving for retirement, work

Speak Less - Listen More


This is something that I’m often guilty of and if you’re being honest with yourself (and I hope you are) it’s something you’re also guilty of.

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Topics: understanding others, Listen, listening skills, Showing respect

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