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I’m a big fan of mission statements.  I’ve written extensively about how to write a plan but haven’t spent a great deal of time talking about how you know your mission statement is any good.

I sometimes get into a conversation with others about whether a mission statement is actually a tag line.  They both are about the same length, but one sets the tone for a company, a family or an individual and the other is just a vague idea.  Tag lines can’t be answered with a yes or no, but mission statements can.

Here are some ways you might know if your mission statement is any good:

You think about your mission statement more than once a day.  If you’re thinking about your mission on a regular basis, it likely has gotten your attention.  We tend to move towards things we think about so a good sign you have a good mission statement is how often you think about it.

You use your mission statement in regular conversation.  One of the problems with elevator speeches is that they often feel fake or forced.  A good mission statement is something that you can say with feeling like your not being a fake.

When you talk about your mission statement you feel good.  If your mission statement makes you feel good when you think or talk about it, the statement is likely a good one.  A good mission statement should make you feel good about what you do.

Others bring up your mission statement when you speak with them.  If others bring up your mission statement every once in a while, you have a good statement.  This means your mission is moving into the consciousness of others who you do business with or spend a significant amount of time with.

Your mission statement is the topic of conversation within your business or family.  Having your mission become a regular topic of conversation within your family and or business means that it has become integrated in what you do.  When this happens you can be sure that others are getting the mission and using it in their life.

Having a mission statement that is integrated, thought about and used is often a sign the mission is authentic.  And, at the end of the day, having a mission that is authentic and understood is often helpful in having those in your family or company understand that direction everyone should be moving.

Josh Patrick

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