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I spend a lot of time coaching Clients on how to appropriately use personality profiles for helping them build and analyze their teams.  Whether these teams are Clients or people who work in their organization, having behaviorally balanced teams is important when your goal is to have a group that moves your company or firm forward.

My favorite instruments for helping with organization dynamics is DISC and the Kolbe Index.  I believe that when you're doing an analysis of your team or someone you would like to have join your team both instruments are very helpful in looking at your teams for balance.

DISC is a great instrument for measuring how someone is likely to behave.  Are they going to be hard drivers or are they going to be team players who like to move at a slower pace.  Knowing this information helps you decide whether this person is in the right position or would be a good fit for your company.

The Kolbe A instrument is a good tool for measuring energy units that a person on your team or a potential member of your team has for different activities.  Different jobs require different amounts of energy.  The Kolbe A allows you to understand how much energy someone will bring to a tasak and the way people on your team are likely to attack problems and opportunities.

I like to use both instruments because I want to measure both hard wired behavior as well as energy units for activities.  This allows me to recruit the right person for the job and make sure those who are already on my team are doing jobs they both have energy and aptitude for.

It's important to be systematic about building and recruiting for success.  I suggest that you first have a list of three areas that are important to think about.  The three areas are:

  • Can do factors
  • Will do factos
  • Fit factors

Making a list is the first step in putting together a great team.  Using a DISC profile and Kolbe Index is the second step in making sure that your team is likely to have the skills to be successful.  But, first make sure you have a good definition of what success looks like to you.

I'm anxious to find out what you think about building great teams. What do you do to make sure you have the right person in the right job?

Josh Patrick

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