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I was recently with a 55 year old client who told me longevity was not part of his family.  He then went on to say that he might have thirty years left to live.  He just might be correct.

We’re all thinking we’re going to live much longer than those a generation before us.  Baby Boomers are facing a very long traditional retirement period. 

I’ve read that if you’re alive at 65 years old, there is a very good chance that you’ll be alive at 85 years old.  With advances medical science is making it’s not inconceivable that many of us will be living well into our 90’s.

I’ve been thinking about why keeping skills current is important. 

It’s likely that we’ll need a very significant amount of money in “retirement”.  If we’re going to live for twenty or thirty years after we turn 65 years old, we’re going to need more money than our parents did for retirement.  Thinking about this in a sober manner is something that we all should do.

Work is likely to be part of our retirement.  Many people have not saved enough for retirement.  When we add extended life to this reality working longer is likely to be part of life for many of us.  Keeping your skills current will be important in our ever and more quickly changing world.

Staying current can be fun.  Developing a mindset of curiosity is a good thing.  When we’re curious learning new things becomes fun and not a chore.  If staying current becomes a chore, we fall behind and make it more difficult for us to stay relevant and needed as we age.

Wisdom just might become valued.  Baby Boomers comprise a huge segment of the population.  Wisdom has been sadly missing from our political and business discourse.  I’m hoping that as the Baby Boomers start moving towards the age wisdom appears (around seventy years old) that it becomes valued and helps set the tone for national priorities.

Wisdom will only appear if Baby Boomers stay current with what’s going on in the world.  Folding in ourselves won’t help society because although we might have wisdom, we won’t know how to have that wisdom applied.

What are you thoughts about keeping your skills current? Is this something you’re thinking about?

Josh Patrick

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