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The purpose of our firm is to help make our clients’ lives better.  We try to integrate this into all areas of the work we do.  That includes this blog.

When I think about making your life better, it covers a wide area.  For some, it’s about financial security, for others it’s having a better relationship with their family and for still others it’s taking pressure off themselves in their businesses.

We have three general specialties at our firm.  The first is working with private business owners; the second working with people in transition and the third is working with people right before or after retirement.

The first thing to remember is the client is in control.  I believe that the most important thing for an advisor to remember is the client is in control.  We want to collaborate with the people we work with.  When you’re in control it’s not about us, it’s about you and developing respect for you.

We need to understand the issues of the people we work with.  Because we have specialties within our firm, we have a general understanding of the issues that many people in a similar situation face.  The challenge in this part of our work is to not pigeon hole our clients.  Each person is unique and each has his or her own dreams and wishes.

Our job in this particular situation is to ask good questions, help our clients understand what they want to do and why they want to do it.  When those two things are established, we can start developing a road map for how we’re going to get the job done.

We need to be generalists in our specialties.  Each of the specialties we have in our firm has a very broad body of knowledge attached to it.  The first thing we need to understand is what can be accomplished to help make our clients lives better.  Second, we need to know what potential methods are available.  Finally, we need to know and remember when it makes sense to bring in others to help achieve an outcome our clients want.

It’s important for us to know when we’re out of our zone of knowledge.  There are times when it’s important for us to step aside.  Sometimes an emotional issue becomes the major thing standing in the way of making a life better.  When this happens it’s important for us to step aside.

Our job is to work in areas we can have a positive impact in.  We’re not psychologists.  Much of the work we do is emotional.  It’s important for us to know the difference between minor emotional issues and major ones that others are better suited to help with.

Making a life better is dealing with the whole person.  We aren’t just financial entities and we aren’t just emotional beings.  There is a whole person that we work with.  Our goal is to understand the wants and needs of that person in their entirety. 

Helping to make one’s life better is really a statement that says we meet you where you are and help identify actions that can help move the bar forward.  It seems to me that if we can deliver on dealing with you as a whole person we become not only suppliers but friends as well.

Josh Patrick

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