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That’s right, we like change.  Without change many of us would be out of a job or a business.  The world changes and we need to learn to change along with it….not to far in front, but enough that we can take advantage of new things as they come down the pike.

Change is often seen as a problem.  It always requires us to do things a little bit differently and often causes some inconvenience.  It’s the inconvenience or un-comfortableness that often keeps from making the changes we need to make.

I personally like change.  Change has brought many great things to my life.  Deciding to leave Washington, DC and go to Boston to college was a great change.  Leaving the vending business and going into the financial services was good for me.  Going from being single to married was a great change.  We all experience change.  It’s what we do with it that makes it a good or bad thing.

Here are some reasons that you might find change worthwhile:

  1. You might find a better job.
  2. You might have an opportunity to open a business.
  3. You might find a better way of going to work.
  4. You might find a better way of communicating with your significant other.
  5. You might find a more effective way to do a particular job.
  6. You might find a way to delegate an activity that you don’t enjoy doing.
  7. You might find it’s better to leave someone you’re in a relationship with.
  8. You might find a way to take a hobby and make it into a job or business you can start.
  9. You might find someone you want to spend your life with.
  10. You might decide to continue working or retire earlier.

All of these activities are changes.  Some of them might be uncomfortable and some might be easy to make.  I suggest that with all of them you figure out what’s good about a change and what’s not so good.  Even with the not so good, there usually is something that can be good.

My father often says, “it’s not what happens in your life, it’s how you deal with what’s happened.”  I agree 100% with this.  Change is what happens in life.  Embracing change is usually better than rejecting it. 

When we embrace doing things a different way, life often gets more interesting and rich.  Isn’t having a rich life worth being a little uncomfortable?  

Josh Patrick


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