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I’ve been doing a fair amount of work recently on helping people manage their relationship to their business.  What this means is finding ways for the business owner to spend less time working and more time disengaging from the day-to-day operations.

In order for a business owner to do this they often must increase the enterprise value of their business.  The question you might have is first, what is enterprise value and second, what is the easiest thing one can do to increase that value.

The traditional definition of enterprise value is what a business is worth to the shareholders of that business.  In the private business world, this universe is usually very small, usually one or two people.  The non-traditional definition of enterprise value is what a business is worth in an economic and life-style basis for the owner of the business.  In other words, besides the economics of the business, what does the business allow the owner to do?

In literally all situations we work with we encourage our business owner Clients to make their business more valuable.  When we do this, we always open options that the owner might not have had before.

A metaphor we use for increasing the business enterprise value is having the owner how saleable their business is.  When you run your business like you’re going to sell it tomorrow, you will have instituted disciplines and systems that allow the business to run whether you, the owner are there every day or not.  I call this one of the main issues in understanding whether your business is ready for sale.

We’ve just acquired some really good analysis tools to help our business owner friends understand how saleable their business is.  I would love to help you get our free report that is specifically designed for your business.  It will only take you fifteen minutes of your time to input the information we’ll need.

If you’re interested in getting your report, click on the button below.


As always, thanks for reading my post and I hope you’ll take some time to tell me what you think about improving the enterprise value in your business.

Josh Patrick

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