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If you went to bed tonight and woke up with a different world, what would change?  This is a question I’ve been pondering for the past few weeks.

We sometimes are unhappy with our circumstances.  Life doesn’t feel very good and we just don’t like the hand we’ve been dealt.  It’s easy for us to whine about all of the things that we don’t like. 

What we don’t do enough is to think about what we do want.  What are the things in our life that if we could change we would?  What are the specific actions you would take if the world was different tomorrow? 

Here are some questions that might help with this exercise:

  • Who would we want to apologize to for an action we regret?
  • What job would we do if money was not an object?
  • Where would we like to live in the world?  What would make our life different if we did?
  • How would we want to spend our time?
  • What activities would you involve yourself in if the world was different?
  • What would be the three things you would do if the world was different?
  • When you daydream about your life what do you see yourself doing?
  •  What would you like to learn that you’ve never taken the time to do so?

There is a saying I like, “life is not a dress rehearsal.”  Too many people I see go through life wishing things were different.  I’ve found the only way for my life to be different is for me to take actions to make it different.

Writing things down in a positive manner can help.  Instead of thinking about all of the things that are wrong in your life, think about some of the things that could make your life better.

Set time to work on strategies for making those changes.  Forget goals, just keep moving in the direction you want to go.  Every month or two, take out the list of things you want to change.  Write down what you’ve done to move yourself forward.

You might just be amazed at the distance you’ve travelled over a year.  It’s those little improvements that end up having a big result.  Oh, and make sure you enjoy the journey.  One of the things about not really having a destination is the trip becomes much more interesting.

Josh Patrick

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