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One of the complaints I most often hear is, “I can’t find good employees”.  I believe this is a challenge, but one that can be overcome.  Like many other tactical issues in a business having systems in place and following a few simple rules can help when it comes to finding the right employee for the job.

The first rule is to limit turnover.  I know this has little to do with finding new employees.  Take the time to review your turnover; if it’s high make internal changes with your present employees.  If you do this you’ll have to spend less time trying to hire new employees in the first place.

Do you have an easily communicated mission statement?  If you want to attract great employees it helps if they understand what your company is all about.  Does your company have a mission that would get potential employees excited about joining your company?  If not then this is an area that will help you attract the type of person you want.

Do you have a system for hiring new people?  By this I mean do you have set protocols that you know work for your hiring process?  I recommend that you use our can do, will do, and fit factor method of hiring as part of your systems for hiring great people.  (Click here to get our special report on strategic hiring.)

These hiring protocols should include how interviews are handled, how many interviews a potential new hire will go through, and how the decision making process is used in hiring new employees.

Do you include your entire team with hiring new people?  Many companies report that they get their best people from referrals from their present employees.  Do you thank your employees when they recommend a great person to work with your team?

Letting your team know what you’re looking for using your can do, will do, fit factor criteria can help them think about the specifics the company needs.  Once your present employees know what you’re looking for they can think about their friends and acquaintances and see if any of them would fit your criteria.

Having a formalized referral system is important when looking for new employees.  This system should be based on what you’re looking for.  Remember that tactical excellence is all around systems and finding great people is about tactical excellence.

Josh Patrick

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