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I love reading other blogs.  Often some of my best posts come from entries I read elsewhere and want to expand thoughts I’ve had about what I’ve read in our Stage 2 blog.   Just like great books, a great blog can ask good questions that will lead your forward and help make your life better.

Here are six blogs I think you should consider as you think about adding to your list of things to read:

You’re the boss at the New York Times.  I think this is the best of the privately held business blogs that I read.  For me, a new entry becomes must reading.  My favorite bloggers on this site are Barbara Taylor, Jay Goltz, and Paul Downs.  All three write blog entries that allow me to think about my own life as a business owner and as a business advisor.

The E-Myth BlogThis blog tends to be pretty tactical in nature.  It often has great advice about how to solve specific problems in your business.  Many of the bloggers on this site are senior consultants with the E-Myth organization and give you advice based on their real world experience working with their business owner clients.

The Hubspot BlogThis is the company that hosts our website.  Their blog is the best that I’ve seen for providing information about inbound marketing, how to write remarkable content for your online presence, and how to manage your marketing program.  The founders also wrote what I consider one of the most important books on Internet marketing called Inbound Marketing.

Seth Godin’s Blog.  This is likely no big surprise to anyone.  Seth Godin has been writing one of the great blogs for years.  He is the best short blog writer I’ve seen.  His entries are usually no more than 300 words.  In those 300 words he says more than most people do in 2,000 words.

Tim Berry’s Blog.  This is a blog I’ve recently found.  He gives very practical advice about running a private business.  He’s the CEO of a software company and uses his blog to talk about issues that every private business owner faces and will likely have to deal with at some time in their business life.

Daniel Pink’s Blog.  Many of us have read Daniel Pink’s books.  His blog is entertaining and often leaves me with some questions I want to think about.  Like Seth Godin’s blog his entries are often short, but the questions are large.

What blogs are your favorites?  Do you read blogs on a regular basis?  If so, what is your outcome from the time you spend reading.  For me, it’s to learn new ideas for more investigation or get good questions to think about.

Josh Patrick

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