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I often find that people I’m around both at home and work have a hard time committing to doing things.  They find reasons not to commit and at the same time they don’t say no either.

Learning to say no is part of committing.  For whatever reason, be it we don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings or we just don’t want to deal with something, we have a hard time saying no.  No is one of the words that frees us.  Once we say no, we get to move on to the next thing in our life.

No isn’t a bad word.  I believe no allows us to move on.  We get to rid ourselves of something we no longer have to think about.  When we say no, it means we get to move on.

Understanding why is always key.  If you’re asked to commit to a project understanding why this project is important could help you make a decision.  You should ask “why is this important for me and why is it important for others?” 

Answering that question can help provide the motivation to either move forward, require more information or just say no.  Why often provides motivation and motivation comes before commitment.

Most people don’t have a process around committing.  Having a decision process can be helpful.  I believe having a personal and business mission is key here.  When you are making a commitment to something knowing how it fits into what’s important in your life helps you make a decision.

Even if something fits into your life’s mission you might still want to pass.  There are lots of factors that enter into making a decision.  Sometimes it’s just not the right time to pursue a particular course of action.

The purpose of making a decision is to make space in your life.  Having commitments you’re not following through on or not making a decision about commitments takes up space.  That space can be used for things that will add value to your life or just might be more important today.

Allowing yourself to develop space for yourself and what’s important is big part of having a life that’s fulfilling and happy, and many times you get to make those types of decisions.

Josh Patrick

We have a decision free zone workbook that you might find interesting.  Part of moving forward in life is knowing what sort of decisions are important to you.  This is most important when your life is in flux.  Click on the button below for your own copy of our workbook.


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