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This is such an obvious statement but it’s one that I see business owners including myself ignore over and over.

If you want to be successful in your work choose someone you’re likely to be successful with.  If you don’t you cost your client money and you’ll likely become frustrated.

Those who are great at choosing clients have well defined niches.  For example, one of the traits for my niche is to have clients who are coachable.  This means that before I accept a client I must do something to test that trait.

When I do this I’m likely to develop a loyal and long-term client.  If I don’t then I’ll have a client who thinks I’m overpriced and doesn’t deliver on the promise I’ve made.

I’ve learned that I can’t change the worldview of others.  What I can do is to help those who have an ability to be curious and change to find new ways of achieving outcomes they’re interested in achieving. 

I find that when I work with someone who is coachable I become a more effective coach and advisor.  When I have to argue about every directional change I believe is important there is a mismatch and both the client and I would be better off we agreed to disagree and disengage from each other.

There is no good or bad about this.  The skill you need to develop is how to say no.  When you have clear criteria about what you need for success with a customer it then is up to you to accept or not accept the customer in the first place.  If you don’t you’ll have a customer that bothers you and one that can hurt your reputation.

I often talk about the importance for companies to say no to potential customers.  If you’re not saying no a significant amount of the time you are saying yes to customers that you aren’t helping and aren’t helping you. 

We all want great customers.  To get those great customers we have to do some very specific things.  The first, and in my opinion the most important, is to have a clear vision of what sort of customer you’re likely to be successful with.  Then only allow your company to engage these potential customers in your company.

You’ll likely make more money, have more fun, and improve your reputation. 

Josh Patrick

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