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I’ve recently finished the book Traction by Geno Wickman.  I highly recommend the book and will likely write several blog posts about ideas I got while reading the book.

One idea that has really stuck with me is learning a better way about communicating what makes me unique.  In the book, Wickman talks about how many things you need to do to stick out in the mind of others as unique.  He says that if you do one thing then you sound like everyone else.  If you do two things that are unique you will sound a little, but not very, different.  It’s when you add the third thing that makes you unique and help you stand out from the crowd.

I thought about this and believe that he’s absolutely correct.  So with that in mind here are the three things that make me unique.

We start with a consulting relationship.  This is where I help clients figure out what it is they want to do and why this is important.  Consulting is finding out what are the right things that must be done.  I find that using the model of what and why is the best way to do this.

We often will start with what (something we want to do).  We then move to why this is important.  I find that to really understand why it requires that my clients drill down on their reason by answering why at least five times.  This gets us to the core reasons of wanting to take on a project.

The next thing that we do is unique is develop a coaching relationship for success.  Once we understand what we want to do, we need to figure out how we’re going to get there.  This is where we do an inventory of strategies and choose the one that is likely to provide the best success.

Choosing is just the first step.  After we choose the step we need to take action to get the result.  Unfortunately, taking action often involves two steps forward and one step backwards.  Sometimes it’s two steps backwards and one step forward.  It’s when the two steps backward rears its ugly head that coaching becomes an important part of the work that I do.

Our third unique activity is working with clients as their purchasing agent.  To get an outcome we often need outside help.  I often see business owners make mistakes in hiring that outside help.  The two main reasons this happens is because the owner doesn’t know what it actually is they want the specialist to do and they don’t have a process for hiring the right outside help.

We help with both putting together a process to hire the right outside specialists and to put together a specific statement about what we need to have this outside specialist do.  Outside specialists come in many flavors and sizes.  We want our clients to hire one that fits and will provide an outcome our clients want.

Since I’ve been working on developing what makes me unique, it’s made it easier to actually explain what I do with clients.  What about you?  What are your three unique things you do?  I bet once you figure them out your customers will find it easier to actually describe what it is you do for them.

One of the things that makes us unique is our approach to our client experience.  We've put together a mind map that gives an overview of what our client experience is.  To get this mind map, click on the button below.



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