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I’ve written extensively on niches and why I think they’re important.  When one has a niche they don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time they work with a new client.   We believe that having the right person serve a customer is an important.

At Stage 2 Planning Partners each of us has a different niche.  Some people would say that we’re inefficient in how we service our clients.  I would submit that we can help a wide variety of people by matching them with the right person in our firm.

If you’re getting ready to retire and consider yourself part of the middle class you should talk with Chris Douglass.  Chris works in our Burlington office and prides himself on helping people who are close to retirement successfully go through this transition.  He’s learned what’s important to think about before you retire and what are the issues you are likely to face after you actually leave your job.

Because Chris has a clear understanding of what success right before and after retirement is he has a great opportunity to help make this group of people’s life better and, after all, that’s the purpose of our firm.

Sandra Maynard is our Burlington specialist on working with women going through transition issues.  The three areas she specializes in are women who are in the process of going through a divorce, retirement, or losing a spouse. 

She has had advanced training in the issues that women in transition face.  This training has helped her learn challenges that are likely to come up when people in her niche call.  This knowledge helps her efficiently provide advice and counsel when someone that needs her specialized knowledge engages her.

Rick Harris and Jason Heller both work in our Albany office.  They spend a great deal of time working with business owners on their qualified retirement plans.   Both Jason and Rick understand how to design a plan that benefits the owners of the company while providing quality benefits for employees at the same time.

In addition, Rick and Jason help business owners with their investments after they decide to leave their business.  They know that business owners are great at running their business but are a little lost about what they should do with their money after selling their business.  Again, this is another niche where we can help our clients make their lives better.

Josh Patrick has a very specific niche of working with private business owners who are over fifty years old, have very successful businesses, and are interested in creating a business that has true economic value.  Josh starts working as a consultant to find the right thing to do, then transitions to a coach to make sure his clients stay on track, and finally works as a purchasing agent to help his customers develop the right strategies to hire appropriate specialists.

The purpose of Stage 2 Planning Partners is to make our clients lives better.  We know the best way to do this is to become an expert at the issues our clients and customers face.  We know that because we are experts at the niches we serve we are able to provide advice that is timely and help with issues that are common to the groups we serve.

My question for you is do you have a niche that is easily explained?  Can you easily help people who have similar problems?  If you can, you’ve developed a niche.  If not, you’re likely wasting a lot of time both for you and your clients.


We’ve put together a resource center that houses many special reports, mind maps and work books that you might find interesting.  Click on the button below and you’ll be able to choose which resource center interests you the most.


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