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There are just too many people in the world that believe life isn’t fair and life isn’t fun.  I've often had people join companies I've run who's world view is the world and everything in it stinks.  

My goal has always been to help people with this attitutde to move to a point where they think about their world in a more positive manner.  My ultimate goal has always been to have those around me me think about we and how we can make the world (or at least our company) a better place.

I believe that too many people haven’t taken the time to know what their personal values are, and many who own businesses haven’t spent any time thinking about what their business values are.  I think if you haven’t identified what’s important in your life you might be part of that group.

Values give us direction.  Checking back to see if we are following our values gives us a chance to test if we’re being congruent with what we believe is important.  Lack of congruence is everywhere.  We see politicians doing things they know aren’t right and we see corporate chief’s cheating. 

Some people believe that because others do it it’s OK for us to do it also.  In my opinion it’s never all right to let others set a tone for you that doesn’t support your values.  If you’re in a situation where you are forced to compromise your core beliefs then you need to find a way to get out of the situation.

Whether it’s a friendship, a job, an industry, or a relationship being consistent with values and actions is a key to success and happiness.

You find the most admired people in our world live their values.  The people we most admire seem to be those who not only clearly understand what they’re about, but they live their life through their values.  In other words they walk their walk and talk their talk. 

They know that people don’t really listen to what they say; people watch what they do.  These people understand that for a meaningful life they must pay attention and take actions based on what’s important for them.  Being congruent in life is their mantra.

Values tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.   I always encourage everyone I work with to develop a personal mission and if they own a business a business mission statement as well.  The process of developing a mission involves looking at what your value system is.  The mission statement itself will help you identify if you’re moving toward or away from your value system.

It’s hard to work hard towards a mission statement that is not aligned with your values.  On the other hand, if your mission and values are aligned, you’ll find that your life often flows.  Flow is a state I aim for.  When I’m “in the flow” things just come easily and time flies by.  I find that living totally in the present only happens when I’m congruent with my value system.  That’s where I create the good life for myself and those around me.

What about you?  Do you find that values drive your life or do you ignore them and live a life that you believe is not fair and not fun?

Sometimes values are being tested when we’re going through transitions.  We have developed a personal transitional section of our resource center.  This resource center has several articles and workbooks that you can download that can help you make wise decisions as you go through life’s changes.  To see our reports click on the button below.


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