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I don’t just love numbers for numbers’ sake.  I love numbers because when everyone in an organization has one there are some magical things that happen.  Numbers are what we measure success with.  Numbers are where we see developmental needs.  Numbers are how we measure how well we’re doing.

I believe when we think about how everyone in our organization (As Geno Wickman believes) can have their own number we are on the way to having lots of good things happen.  Here are six of those good things:

  1. Numbers create accountability 
    When everyone has a number they’re responsible for we automatically create individual accountability.  Make sure that when you give someone a number they can impact the results of those numbers.  We don’t want to give someone a number they can’t make better.

  2. Accountable people like numbers

    If someone resents or doesn’t want to have their own number it’s probably for one of two reasons:  They either can’t control the number or they don’t want to be accountable in their job.  We can’t have unaccountable people in our organization and this is an easy way to begin to flush the unaccountable out of our companies.

  3. Numbers create clarity and commitment

    When people own their numbers they start getting very clear about what they’re supposed to be doing.  Gaining clarity about what you’re supposed to do makes it easier for your people to commit to producing great results.

  4. Numbers produce results

    One of my favorite silly sayings is, “that which gets measured gets done.”  I find that as soon as I start measuring something and share those measurements with others the performance those numbers represent get better.  This is why you want to choose numbers that are not only controllable by individuals but are also meaningful to your organization.

  5. Numbers create team work

    When everyone has a number they will need to start asking others for help.  We have too many silos in business today.  Anything we can do to improve communication between different parts of our company is good.  When we all have a number we will communicate more efficiently about how we can make things better.

  6. Numbers help you solve problems faster

    When everyone has a number problems float to the surface more quickly.  If there is a problem and the number you’re responsible for is not acceptable you will likely solve the problem quickly.  If the problem is not solved quickly or the person hasn’t asked for help it’s likely we have found someone who does not want to be held accountable for their work.

What are some of the reasons you like numbers?  I find accountability is always a good thing and numbers help us get there faster.

If you believe numbers are important you will also need to pick the right number for everyone to have.  We’ve put together a report on key metrics in your business and how to choose them.  Click on the button below to get your special report.



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