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OK, I admit it.  I have a thing for Alpaca’s.  You know, the cute furry creatures that some people raise to sell their fleece.

I know there are people who think I’m nuts for the preoccupation I have with Alpaca’s.  You might be one of them.  Maybe you’re wondering why someone would write about Alpaca’s in a blog that deals with creating value in business owners lives.

It’s really quite simple.  For me Alpaca’s are an anchor for being healthy. 

When I was going through cancer treatment I would dream about taking a bike ride and visit my friends at the Alpaca farm.  I knew that if I could do this, I would be in reasonably good shape and my health would be on the rebound.

The Alpaca farm was pretty close to ten miles away from where I started my ride.  That meant a visit would require close to twenty miles of riding.  My reward was I could visit with my furry friends.  More importantly, I would be at least on the way to getting back in shape again.

What’s your anchor?

We all need them.  Anchors are things or activities that allow you to know that you’re on the way to achieving an outcome.  My personal mission is to do interesting things with interesting people.  I can only do this when I’m healthy.

I know Alpacas aren’t people.  They represent a metaphor for me being in good enough health to live my mission.  When I’m sick and trying to recover from whatever health ailment comes my way I can’t do things and be places I want to. 

When I can make this ride and visit the Alpacas I participate fully in life. I can really spend time with interesting people wherever they are in the country.

You need an anchor or two in your life.

Having silly things that help you know you’re on track is good.  You know you’re moving forward towards a goal, an outcome, or a hurdle that’s important in your life.  When you have your own anchors you get to appreciate the journey as well as the goal.

I know that in my own life having a little levity while working on serious activities helps me not take the outcome and me as seriously as I might.  I don’t know, do you think having a silly thing you can laugh at might help you bring a little fun to serious activities?   Do you have an anchor that others roll their eyes at?  If not, why not?

Understanding anchors is part of our coaching process.  We’ve put together a complementary 30-minute coaching session you can sign up for.  If you’re interested in having us work with you about an issue in your life where you can make your life better click on the button below.  We’ll be in contact with you to set a time for us to speak.


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