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I’ve been taking a blog writing class for the last several months.  During the class I’ve learned several things that I hope have made my writing better and more enjoyable to read.  I find that I often have unintended results that happen when I take classes or try to learn something new.  Here are some of them.

Secret’s I’ve learned about life

1.   Rules are really guidelines, if you find a better way do it.

2.   Once you become unconsciously competent life becomes easy and you get to improvise while staying consistent.

3.   Knowing whether you’re good or bad at something is an internal process and we all know where we stand at all times.

4.   You can either be responsible for your life or you can blame and justify your way through life.

5.   To be successful you need to do three things.  Say please and thank-you, show up on time, and do what you say you will do.

Secrets I’ve learned about writing

1.   I would rather be 99.5% correct than 100% correct.  The last .5% takes too much time and adds too little value.

2.   Writing to somebody else is much more effective than writing about somebody else.  Make it personal to make it real.

3.   Make your writing understandable if you’re writing to small business owners.  I find that private business owners want quick, easy, and understandable bites that have relevance for them.

Secrets that I’ve learned about blogging

1.   Use mind maps to store blogging ideas.

2.   Use electronic readers to read, highlight the books you read, and then make mind maps out of the good points.  This is an easy way to develop blog topics.

3.   Having an inventory of blog posts takes pressure off writing.

4.   Write about what you have a passion about.  It comes through in your writing.

I’ve learned that secrets really aren’t secrets

Everyone has secrets that make him or her successful.  For me, success secrets are those things that make my life easier and more efficient.

When you start on new skill or project you might not know what you need to know.  I call this unconscious incompetence.  As time goes on you get better at what you do.  If you practice in a mindful manner, eventually you’ll get to the point where your become an expert.  I call this stage being unconsciously competent.

When you become an expert you’ve developed a basketful of secrets.  When you’ve achieved mastery, you have a choice:  You can keep the secrets to yourself or you can share them with others.

When you share your secrets with others you are helping the world become a better place.  You are helping others become better.  When you share with others, you make yourself better and life becomes just a little more fun.

I remember the first time I shared some of my secrets.  It was about how to design an economic model for success in the vending industry.  It wasn’t a very exciting topic to anyone, unless of course you were in the vending industry.  I found that something happened, my excitement for the topic went up, others learned a ton and my own understanding of the topic deepened.  Even if you’re an expert yourself you can continue to learn.

My question to you is what’s preventing from sharing your secrets?  Why not let others in on what can make their life better? 

Sometimes a secret is just thinking about something in a different way.  We’ve written a case study on how relationship and roles in your business can change how you work.  Successful business owners know that a secret to becoming more successful is managing how you spend your time.  This case study will help you learn about different roles you can play in your business.  To get our case study, click on the button below.


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