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Good results come from being disciplined.  Great results come from fanatical discipline.  If you want extraordinary results you have to learn to become a fanatic about your habits of discipline.  Here are four things you will want to concentrate on to move from being good to being insanely great.

Start with consistency in your actions.  Discipline for great results means doing the same thing in the same way all of the time.  This is not an excuse to refuse to change, it’s learning what works and continue doing it over and over so you can deliver a great result without having to think about what you’re doing.

When you make a promise to your customers you have to make sure you deliver on that promise every single time.  If you miss it, even just once, you will leave a question in your customers’ minds.  Great companies never leave questions, they just deliver and it starts with being consistent.

Create and communicate the values your company has.  I feel like I write about this all of the time.  It’s the cornerstone of a great company.  Values are what make you unique and it’s what makes your company unique. 

When you create values that are easily communicated and understood, everyone who has anything to do with your company knows what you’re about.  When your vision gets people excited, it’s easy for employees and customers to rally around a product or service.  Just look at Disney or Apple.  They’ve done this so well that those that do business with these companies love the experience and become evangelists.

Create long-term goals.  We have too much short term thinking in this country.  You can’t create greatness in a quarter, or for that matter even in a year.  Putting together a company that delivers insanely great service and products takes time. 

You have to have patience.  Your goals need to be far enough away that you and your company have time to fulfill the promises you make to yourself. 

Remember, while you’re working on these goals to take a look backwards every once in a while.  You will want to be aware of the progress you’ve made.  If you haven’t made enough progress, you’re likely not being disciplined enough about achieving outcomes that are important to you.

Develop a method and stick to it.  Discipline is about having systems.  You need to have systems for delivering your product or service.  You need systems about how to fire people.  You need to have systems about buying products and services.

Your systems or operating methods must be such that it fits in with your company values and it must help your company achieve its goals.  Developing systems that work takes time.  It’s often a trial and error process. 

Having a method that is paired with systems allows your employees to know what they need to do to deliver on the promises your company makes. 

Do you want to be a fanatic about producing great work?  I know that when I’m a fanatic, magic happens.  It’s that magic that makes all of the hard word fun.

We’ve put together a special report on the three stages of a private business.  You’ll learn about systems that you need to make your business a great one.  It’s all part of becoming an insanely great company.  To get the report, click on the button below.

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