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One of the hardest things I do is try to define what it is we do with our clients.  When I tell someone our job is to help make your life better, they often look at me with a blank stare.  When I tell another that our job is to help create business and personal value, another blank look.

I’ve learned that unless there is context around my explanation it’s really hard for a potential customer to figure out what it is that we actually do.  Several months ago I sat down and thought about why explaining what we do is so difficult.

I learned that a good explanation can’t be done in fifty words, even thought that’s what all of the experts say I should be able to do.  When I use an “elevator speech” our company sounds like every other company doing similar things.  The question becomes, “What makes us unique?”  I think our 3 pillars of service helps a little along that way.

We have a wide variety of professional experience.

Part of the problem is that each of us at Stage 2 has a wide variety of professional experience.  My own particular specialty is helping private business owners.  I’ve found that because I’ve read over 50 books a year for 35 years, attended at least 4 seminars a year, worked with hundreds of businesses, and run my own operating companies there is nothing that I hear about in the private business arena I can’t have an intelligent conversation about.

What makes us unique are what we’re calling our 3 Pillars of Service.

We start off as a consulting group.

When you visit us for the first time we’re going to ask you two things.  What is it that you want to do and why is thing or activity important?  When we drill down to help you understand what you want to do and why it’s important we can start to work with you to craft a solution and help provide an outcome you believe is important.

Many organizations in our business will ask you what you want to do and then start putting together methods they think will work.  We find the extra step of why is a crucial one in helping you get to where you want to go.

Too many times professionals will guide you with what they think you should do instead of first understanding, and then and only then help you find a way.  We believe having clarity about what is important is often a major difference between use and others in our business.

The second step is to take on the role of a coach.

Even if you’re already an expert at what you do, a coach can be a useful addition to your team.  Our consulting process helps us understand why things are important in your life and have gained clarity about what you want to accomplish.  This deep understanding allows us to help you make decisions that clearly lead us down a road of what you want to do.

I’ve found that when I work with successful people like you, it’s likely you already know what steps are necessary to achieve a great outcome.  Our job as a coach is to help you decide what those steps are and then ask questions that keep you on track.  You’re not likely going to hear much that is brand new from us.  What you will experience is an advisor that asks good questions that help you decide which fork in the road to take.

Finally, we help you choose the best help.

In my case with business owners I help you hire the right people.  Sometimes these people are key employees for your company and sometimes they’re outside advisors with a particular specialty.  In either case having a system in place for hiring help is crucial.

I’ve learned that not only do you need a system for hiring permanent employees, but you also need a system for hiring outside advisors.  Providing you with expertise in getting the right person in the right seat goes a long way towards achieving outcomes you believe are important.

Our best relationships are those where all three skills sets are used.  We’ve written a white paper on our Objective Review process.  This process helps you find out what’s important in your life, why it’s important, how you’re going to get there and who’s going to help.  I encourage you to download our white paper.  I think you’ll find it interesting and useful.

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