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It’s a simple question and one that often makes me wonder whether I can or not.  I’ve tried to write and use elevator speeches and that just doesn’t work for me.  I never can get the speech to sound authentic.

After several years I finally came up with a model that I like.  For me, it’s about creating value in a business and life.  I do this through consulting, coaching, and putting together effective teams.  I work with successful business owners who want to create value that is meaningful to them on a personal level.

What exactly is a service model?

It’s what your secret sauce is.  Sometimes it’s hard to explain and you just have to experience it.  Other times it’s a product and that becomes much easier to explain.  Even with a product, there still is a service component and without that component the product increases or decreases in value.

Take Apple for example.  Yes, they sell products.  Their products really are no different than other companies’ products when you look at them on the surface.  Apple’s secret sauce is how everything works together.  You don’t have to worry whether software for your device or Mac will work; it just will. 

With Apple it’s all about the eco-system.  It’s not just the hardware, it’s the app store, it’s iTunes, and it’s ease of use.  Apple is for people who would rather use stuff and not really know how it works.  If you have a need to get under the hood, then Apple might not be for you.

What’s your service model?

This is where you get to take a few minutes and write a sentence or two about what makes your product or service unique.  Your service model probably has something to do with your customer experience.

You want your customers to know how they will spend their time with you.  What will you ask them to do?  What can they expect you to do?  Are you going to be consistent in what you provide?

If you can’t answer those questions, and many can’t, take a few minutes and give it a shot.  If you can explain your business model your employees will thank you and your customers will know how to find you.

You now want to systematize what you’ve created.

It’s time to take your service model and start creating systems around them.  You want your customers to have the same experience each and every time they interact with your company.  You want your customers to know what they can expect when they visit your office, call you on the phone, or interact with you in the electronic world.

If you follow the advice in The Experience Economy you’ll find that companies that produce fanatical followers have created memorable experiences.  How often do you have a memorable experience with a company you work with?  How often have you created a memorable experience for those who work with you? 

The first question’s answer is probably not often.  The second question is the $64,000 question.  If your customers have a memorable experience with your company, they’ll come back to you often.  If they have a memorable experience they’ll talk about you with others. 

Remember, it all starts with a great service model.  Then it’s about execution and systems that support great execution.  Simple to talk about, but incredibly difficult to produce.

We attempt to create memorable experiences at Stage 2.  I invite you to download our customer experience mind map.  You’ll see what we want to produce.  If you’re interested you can see if we talk our talk and walk our walk.  I certainly hope we do.  To get this mind map, click on the button below.

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