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I’m involved in a peer-to-peer group that’s purpose is to help each other become better writers.  Sometimes we get side tracked and wander into other ares of interest.  A few weeks ago we ended up on the topic of win/win as a result of a blog post I wrote.

Some in the group were having a very hard time figuring out how win/win could fit into their lives.  They felt that they either had to win and another had to lose or they might be taken advantage of.  This couldn’t further from the truth of what win/win is really about.

Win/win is really about a different way.

If you decide to live a life where it’s win/win or no deal, you have made a decision that you’re going to take control of your life.  When you live in the world of compromise or going for the win you are willing to lose a little bit of yourself in every interaction you have. 

Win/win isn’t about not competing.  You still will be in competition for getting business and for getting the best people to join your business.  At the same time your worldview will move from there aren’t enough people or there isn’t enough business to one where there’s plenty of both.

How you’re going to act differently

When you believe that we live in a world of abundance, getting every deal that comes along becomes less important.  You know because you’ve made certain life decisions that when the right deal and the right people become available, they’ll join you in your quest.

You need to learn what you want.

This is where it gets a little difficult.  You have to spend time working on what you want and who you are.  You have to develop personal clarity.  This means that you’re going to develop a personal mission with examples that others can understand.  You’re going to develop a niche that is easily recognizable by those you want to work with. 

It really comes down to congruence.  You are going to have to walk your talk.  When you join the world of win/win it’s about being authentic for what you are and what you want.  You can’t fake it.  Others that you might want to join you will walk away if they don’t see you being consistent in the words that come out of your mouth and actions you take.

It’s all about walking your talk.

My father has always said, “Don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do.”  This is the credo of those who work towards win/win.  Fakers are death to the culture of win/win.  They will try to manipulate you through using your language and your belief systems. 

If you only listen to what others say, you’ll likely be very disappointed.  Instead you’re going to want to watch the actions of others very closely.  You’ll want to see through exhibited character and actions that people you’re interacting with have similar belief systems and goals you have. 

It’s not that your beliefs are the only ones in the world that make sense, it’s that your belief systems are the right ones for you.  You’ve spent the time and work to make sure you know what you want out of life.  In my case I only want people who are going to work in harmony with me, both as associates and customers.

My goals are not that large that I have to even think about going outside a win/win world.  If someone has a compatible belief system I know we’ll find a way to make it work.  If they don’t then there’s lot of other places for them to go and we’ll both be better off.

What about you, are you willing to take the plunge?  Are you willing to do the work and find out what your motivations are and then stay true to them?  If you do, life will change and change for the better.

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