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unique ability energized resized 600Isn’t it about time that we started paying attention to when we have lots of energy and when we don’t?  I know that for me when I have lots of energy, time stands still.  On the other hand, when I have no energy five minutes seems like several hours.  What about you, do you have the same experience?

I think it’s about time we started paying attention to when we have abundant energy and when we don’t.  Of the two, it’s when I don’t have lots of energy that really concerns me and it should you also.

First, learn what your unique ability is.

I find that when I have lots of energy and time seems to stand still I’m doing something that I have tons of talent for.  It might be writing, reading, or thinking about a strategic issue that is facing my business or one of my clients businesses.  I can work on these issues for hours, not get tired, and be very productive.

When I have to work on issues that aren’t a unique ability like filling out forms, I find ways of procrastinating and making a job that should take five minutes and have it stretch out for over an hour.  After my hour is over and I finally get the detailed job done, I’m exhausted.

Pay attention to what creates and what saps your energy.

What about you?  Do you pay attention to those activities that sap your energy?  Do you know when time stands still in your life?  More importantly, do you try to fix those issues that sap your energy or concentrate on the ones that provide energy?

I find the more successful someone is the more they concentrate on their unique ability or where energy is produced.  Successful people practice and try to make themselves world class at their talents. 

They don’t try to get better at things they’re not very good at.  They find a way to manage those weaknesses. 

Success is based on becoming world class.

Let’s face it; I’m never going to be world class at doing administrative work.  What about you, what is the part of your life that you’re not going to be world class at?  Don’t you think it would serve you well to figure this out and find a way for others to handle these issues?  If there is no one, find someone who likes to do what you don’t. 

This will free up time for you to concentrate on what you’re good at.  You can go from good to great to world class.  It’s when you reach world class that the fun begins.  You can figure things out with no effort and be incredibly productive in your work.

For me, I can do things in minutes that take others hours when I’m in my zone.  I want to stay there for as much of my time as I can.  It’s where I have fun and it’s where I add the most value.  What about you, don’t you want to be in a place where work is effortless?  It’s where you have the most ability. 

Manage your weaknesses and start to strengthen what you're good at.  It’ll make your life better and you’ll have more fun.

I have written a special report on hiring for unique abilities.  This report will help you figure out what your unique abilities are.  You can pretend you’re hiring yourself and then know what you want to practice.  To get this special report, click on the button below.

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