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life resized 600Several weeks ago a friend of mine was talking about her brother going through some very serious cancer treatments.  Whenever I hear about others going through “Cancer World” I always start thinking about life and what it means.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this really isn’t a rehearsal for life, it’s the real thing.  As Rob Slee likes to say, we’re all one call away from disaster.

Are you doing what you really want to do?

This is a big question.  Ask yourself this question and if the answer is no, ask yourself why you continue on.  You might believe that you don’t have a choice in how you live, but is that really true?  In my experience we have choices on what we want to do.  Sometimes you might have to inconvenience yourself to get there, but it really is up to you. 

You might even have to work really hard for a period of years before you get where you want to go.  I know that when I made the change from vending company to financial services the work that I put in along the way was more than worth it.  What about you?  If you’re not doing what you want to do then there’s no time like the present.

Are you working at a job that brings you pleasure?

I know I spend more time working than anything else I do.  I bet you might be in the same situation.  If you don’t work at a job that brings you pleasure then it’s time to switch.

Before you do so, ask yourself some questions about what you would like better.  Once you find that answer ask yourself why five times.  You’ll find that you have a core reason for making the change.  Then it’s just putting the time and effort in to make it happen.  You will get what you want once you know what that is and why it’s important.

Are you hanging out with people who bring you pleasure?

Inertia is a terrible thing.  Sometimes we keep doing things because we’ve always done them.  What about you, are you hanging out with the same people just because it’s the easiest thing to do?

Meeting new people is hard.  You have to jump out of your comfort zone.  We change and as we change it’s important for us to bring new people into our life that help feed our needs.  This doesn’t mean we throw away old relationships.  It means we make sure we continually look for people who can add value in our lives.

Are you stopping to smell the roses?

Often we get caught up in doing, doing, doing.  We just keep moving forward.  Along the way, flowers bloom and we might not take time to notice.  Before long, it’s autumn and we’ve missed the entire summer.

Take some time and stop what you’re doing.  Have a lazy morning.  Better yet, have several lazy mornings.  It’s getting to that time of year where we can be outside easily.  Doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of this?

Do you appreciate the help that others bring?

For me this is a big one.  I’ve never gotten anything I wanted without a lot of help from others.  It’s a good idea to stop and thank them for their help.  I hope you agree and think about making sure that you appreciate those who have made your life better.  I also hope that you take a few minutes to tell them what they’ve done along the way.

I know that when I appreciate others, I stop and think about how lucky I am.  It might be the key with realizing that this is the real thing and not just a rehearsal.  So, thanks to all of you who read this blog on a regular basis.  Its great to write and it’s even more fun when you read it.

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