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Kids resized 600I have two children.  Both are really cool kids.  Well, they’re not really kids anymore.  My daughter is 26 and my son is 28.  Not exactly kids.

Both do all of the social media stuff.  Over the July 4th weekend both were home and for the first time I noticed the wonder in social media and how it has made their lives better.

Social media really is social.

Too often I read articles about how social media is the bane of our existence.  Too often the articles only purpose is to bash social media and talk about how the younger generation, (read my kids) have become anti-social and don’t have real relationships in the world.

Over the past 4th of July weekend I learned that this is total hogwash.  For the first time in over a year both my son and daughter were home.  My son was home for his 10th year high school reunion and my daughter came home to see my son who lives on the West Coast.

Both had a very active social weekend.  Using social media teed both of their weekends up. 

How my kids teed up their weekend.

Before my kids came home they started with underground conversation with friends they’ve stayed in touch with through social media.  By the time they got home there was no sitting around with moss gathering under their feet.  They had a full weekend of seeing friends face to face and catching up on what was new in their life.

In the past I missed how they use social media, but this time I didn’t.  I saw that both my son and daughter had set up their entire weekend through social media.  Social media allowed them to stay in contact with friends they probably would have lost contact with.  Social media made it easy for them to organize get togethers and meet ups.  I think that’s pretty cool.

Think back to when you were out of school for ten years.

I think back to when I was ten years out of school.  The people I went to high school with had long fallen out of my circle of friends.  I had no way of staying in touch and frankly I wasn’t interested in going out of my way to stay in touch.

If social media had been around back then I bet I would know a lot more about what my classmates were doing today.  Heck, because of social media I know way more today, over 40 years past school, than I did twenty years ago.

Isn’t life about having great and long time relationships?

There’s richness to life when you have friends that have been with you for a long time.  Social media allows you to easily stay in touch with those who would have been easy to lose track.  I think this helps us extend friendships and communities instead having those friendships just fall away.

I’ve met new people I would have never met.

For me, I’ve met lots of really interesting people through social media that I never would have met.  I’ve even gotten together a few of them for face-to-face conversations.  I can say that social media has made my life richer and it definitely has made my kids life richer.  Isn’t that a pretty cool thing?

I want to thank Stan Bush for setting the standard for how to build great communities on line.  I think he’s a master at this.  I bet Stan would even be glad to show you how to establish a tribe on line.  He’s done it and I think he’s even documented the process.  Oh, if you want to reach Stan here’s a link to his website.

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