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Bandaid1Do you feel like you’re stuck in the movie Groundhog Day?  You know, the same thing happens over and over.  You feel like you’ve gotten past a problem and then a year or two later the exact same problem comes back again.  You thought you solved it last time.  You didn’t, it just appeared again and you’re afraid that it’s going to continue like this forever.

You need to stop being tactical.

Over 90% of what you do every day is tactical.  You have to make products and get them out the door.  You need to have your sales team make calls and book sales.  You need your R&D people to work on developing new products.  Your finance people need to track revenue and get out the bills.  All of these are tactical activities.  Without them your company doesn’t run.

The problem with being exclusively tactical is that when problems occur, you generally put a Band-Aid over them.  Unless you’ve done something strategically in your companies thought process or made a systematic change to how things are done the problems will re-appear.

You need to deal with core issues.

Core issues are the things that cause problems to keep coming back again.  If you find that your sales get very lumpy it’s likely your sales team makes enough calls one year and the number of sales calls dramatically falls the next year.  This might happen because you haven’t put together standards and systems for holding your people to standards you create. 

This is a strategic issue.  Tactically your team needs to be making calls.  Strategically you need systems in place that monitor and escalate when standards aren’t met.  If you don’t change your strategies you’re doomed to lumpy sales forever.

If you don’t change your strategies you’ll continue with the same results.

Changing strategies is hard work.  It requires follow through.  It requires that you ask yourself some of the following questions:

What if we changed how we do things, how would life change?

Why do we have the same issue repeat itself?  You need to be hard on yourself with this question.

What specifically do we need to change?  Why do we need to change it? You’ll need to drill down here.  You can’t just answer this question in a superficial manner.  If you don’t go deep you’re going to repeat again and you’ll be starting from square one.

You need to set time aside.

Being strategic isn’t something you can do in your spare time.  You need to set aside some real time to think and plan.  You can’t be tactical in your thoughts or conversations.

You and the leaders in your company need to set time aside.  I believe you need to meet as a group once a quarter and go past the usual tactical sales and operation meetings.  You need to be asking the question why.  You need to move to what can we do differently that would get a new result.  You need to have a strategy for making adjustments with small experiments.

These are all strategic activities that will eventually translate into tactical moves.  Strategy is all about the why in your business.  If you can’t answer why things don’t work, you need to start there.  If you can answer why things repeat themselves, then it’s time to move to what you can do differently.

If you don’t set time aside, you’ll never get to a good solution.  It’s setting time aside that is the part that just never seems to happen.  You’re too busy trying to drain the swamp.  The swamp will still be there tomorrow.  Take some time today to ask the question why.  You’ll be glad you did.

One of the issues I see in many companies stuck in ground hog situations is they make things way too complicated.  To solve this issue you need to simplify.  One of the ways you can do this is to make your budgeting process easy, simple, and easily understood.  We have a white paper on what we call Four Tiered Budgeting.  To get this special report, click on the button below.

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