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I have something to admit. It seems that as I’ve been getting a little older my life has not been getting simpler. In fact, my life keeps getting more complicated. Is that something that’s happening to you?

For years I’ve thought that when the kids left our house and as I got closer to 65 life would just get easier. That’s not the way it seems to have worked out. Is your life simpler and if not would you like to find a way to simplify it?

Do you keep tackling one thing at a time as if it was all by itself?

I find this is one of the larger traps I get myself into. I work on one project thinking that it’s discrete from everything else in my life.

The problem with doing this is that almost nothing is discrete and everything I work on has an effect on something else in my life. Do you find that most of the projects you start have an effect on something else. And, that something else might just cause you lots of grief because you didn’t think about it before starting on your project.

If you have the same problem I do then thinking holistically might help you with this issue.

Have you started a relationship with anyone who can help you figure out what’s next for you?

I call this person a thinking partner. It’s one of my favorite terms. You really don’t have to solve all of your challenges by yourself. If you can find someone you trust who will listen to you deeply, you’ve found a thinking partner.

I find that great thinking partners not only listen deeply, but they also ask great questions. I think that for you to simplify your life you need to find a partner who can listen and then ask questions that get you to see what’s really important in your life.

Do you know what you want to accomplish over the next ten years?

If the answer is yes, then here’s the hard question; why is this important? Yup, here it is again, that little word why.

Please don’t just lurch from one thing to another without putting deep thought into how you want to spend your time. If you’re like me and 65 isn’t the far in the future know that your time really isn’t unlimited. I don’t want you to get to the end of your life and be one of those who wished it had all gone differently.

If you do know what you want to accomplish and how are you going to do it all?

In our planning process this is usually a pretty simple question to answer. You’ve already examined what you want to do and why it’s important. You’ve even spent time thinking about who you want to help you along the way.

Now it’s time for you to just put down the steps to accomplish your outcome. Here’s a tip for you. Don’t start with a great big goal. Start small so if and when you have to change your strategy it’s going to be easy to do so.

Big and complicated projects always look too daunting. Do yourself a favor and break down the big project into smaller pieces. It’ll look much easier to accomplish after you take that step.

Retirement is a transition I want you to be ready for.

Once you get to retirement you’re likely going to be looking at 20 or more years of hopefully good health. There’s a lot that you can do in twenty years.

At the same time twenty years is going to fly by pretty fast. If you keep trying to get started and adjusted to the new/new, then you’ll find the end of your life arrives and you might feel like you haven’t even started.

I don’t want that to be how things work out for you. I want you to feel like you’ve accomplished all that you wanted. This means you’ll have to do some certain things to get ready for the next phase of your life. Are you ready for that challenge?

What is a Certified Transitionist® and why should you care?

All of the things I’ve described above are items that a Certified Transitionist® can help you with. There is a body of knowledge around transitions and believe it or not best practices that can help you successfully navigate your transition from one life to another.


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