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I’ve been thinking about where people start in deciding what they want in life. Too often I see those decisions start in the weeds and not looking from 20,000 feet or as I like to say, in the balcony.

You might be curious why I say in the balcony. The reason is simple, from the balcony I can see what’s going on below me. From the balcony I can get ideas from where everyone is heading and from the balcony I can look at what sort of decisions I might want to make about improving my life. That’s what today’s post is about so let’s dig in.

From the balcony you can see patterns

When you’re in it, you do not see what’s going on around you. You might think you do, but the reality is there are tons of things you’re missing. When you get on the balcony (this is a saying that Susan Bradley from Sudden Money coined) you’re able to see patterns.

Patterns are important because you get a broader view of what’s going in your life. Too often we do stuff before we know what it is we should be doing. I don’t want you to meander from one thing to another. I want you to have a clear vision of where you want to be. The important part of this isn’t where, but why you want to get there.

You aren’t planning; you are seeing what direction you should go.

With standing on the balcony you aren’t really planning yet. That comes at the last step. When you’re on the balcony, you’re seeing which direction you should go.

The start of a journey should be from the biggest to the smallest. When you’re on the balcony, you’re working on the biggest place with the widest view. Doesn’t that make sense to you?

You are taking in the big picture.

I love the idea of big picture decisions. It’s the big picture that will add the most value. All the steps you take along the way will add to this value. It’s also possible to subtract from the value you’re trying to get. Starting with the bit picture dramatically reduces the chance that you’ll go in the wrong direction.

Starting with the “stuff” you need to do will almost guarantee you spend time and sometimes a lot of time working on the front things. I’m willing to bet that you don’t want to work on the wrong things and waste your time. Starting with a look from the balcony will reduce the chance that you’re working on the wrong things in your life.

You’ll be driving the bus… not being driven by others.

This is a big deal thing. You want to control where you’re going. You don’t want to have things happen to you. You want to make things happen that will add value to your life.

Starting with the right question or the right idea will help you not waste your time or effort. The best way I know how to get to this place is to start from the balcony.

So, what do you think? Do you think starting your decision-making process from the balcony is a good idea? Why don’t you let me know what you think in the comments below?

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