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I’m more than a little frustrated and just want to rant a little. I’m sick and tired of your software company if you think that using email and chat is a replacement for the phone when you provide customer service. When I contact you, I have a problem. I don’t have time to wait for a day or two for you to get around to solving my problem.

When I end up calling support with a problem I don’t have warm and fuzzy feeling about your company. When you force me to send you an email which you don’t respond to or chat with someone who can’t resolve the issue it makes we want to discontinue our relationship.

Don’t make it difficult to do business with you.

I just can’t figure out why companies think it’s a good idea when they make it difficult to do business with them. I don’t think it’s because they have too much business. I think it’s just because they are being thoughtless and believe that going after short term profit fixes will help keep their company afloat.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed how many companies are moving their telephone support back to the United States. I think it’s because those who have moved support offshore figured out that their customers hated it. In fact, they hated it so much they decided to change companies they did business with.

Don’t try to tell me that this is how you can give me better service.

Don’t lie to your customers. When you’re doing something for your convenience it never makes my life better and it never results in better service. I have better things to do with my time than wait till you get around to fixing the problem I have.

Technical support doesn’t work well in email exchanges. It’s an interactive process. I have a problem and you do one of two things. You tell me how to fix my problem or you say we need to escalate the problem, give me a ticket number and have the person you escalated to email me when they fix the problem. You don’t make me into a long-term customer when you tell me it’s for my own good.

Don’t tell me that you get too many calls.

I don’t really care how many calls you get. I don’t care how busy you are. I only care that you fix my problem. If you’re getting too many calls there is a good chance that you’ve got some real problems in your company. If you’re getting too many calls, you might have to add some support people. This isn’t my problem, it’s yours.

When you treat your customers like an inconvenience they’re going to move to a different supplier. It might not happen overnight, but it will happen. Is this what you want to have happen in your company?

Ask yourself if this is the type of service you would want.

A good way to know whether the service you’re providing is the service you should be providing is to ask if you would like it if you got this sort of service. I can’t imagine you want to get the run around and be told that you have to email me with a problem. If you want to provide that as an option, go for it. You should, and I really mean must, provide me with a phone number I can call.

To give tender loving care you MUST think like a customer.

This is really the crux of the issue. Too many companies think of their convenience. They never take the time to think like a customer. They never realize that customers are the only reason their company exists. Without customers there is no company. Without happy customers it’s only a matter of time before their company disappears like all of those who went before and forgot this rule: It’s not about you, it’s about me, the customer. If you don’t pay attention to this, your company is moving towards the world of extinction.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what a good client experience looks like. I encourage you to download our client experience mind map. This map will show you what we think makes for a great client engagement. You can let me know what you think.

Click here for your Client  Experience Mindmap

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