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If you're paying any attention, you've probably heard that the Social Security Trust Fund is running out of money.  In one respect this is true.  At the same time, the problem is not too big to fix today and hopefully, we'll see Congress get around to fixing it.

I just found an excellent article from The Motley Fool on the whole subject of Social Security.  I recommend you read it and then leave me a comment below about what you think.  And, while you're at it, click on the button below and get our Ebook on Financial Planning and why you need to do some.

The Motley Fool article you need to read.

For years, news outlets have been churning out headlines like "Social Security Is Going Bankrupt" and "Don't Count on Social Security." And although it's true that Social Security is unsustainable in its current form, these splashy headlines are spreading the misconception that Social Security will soon disappear, leaving Americans who spent decades paying into the system high and dry.

Here's the truth about Social Security -- and why it will still be there for you.

via Will Social Security Last Until I Retire? -- The Motley Fool

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