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Baby boomers seem to be changing the rules of retirement.  It’s no longer work for 40 years for one company, retire with a gold watch and ride off into the sunset.  You probably had at least three employers in your career.  You might even be doing something completely different than what you were taught in school.

As you get ready for retirement, think about what you can do that will keep your mind occupied.  Work doesn’t have to mean drudgery and I’m hoping that as you approach retirement age you aren’t going to be totally dependent on work to have enough money to live.

What interests do you have in your life?

You’re getting ready to retire.  You might have worked a job because it paid well.  You also may not have really liked what you did for work.  Now’s the time for you to think about what you would do for free and could even get paid to do it.

This is what I did when I sold my vending business.  I looked around at what I could do that was interesting.  I came up with three options.  I started with one of them and kept failing fast and failing cheap.  I learned what I loved and kept moving towards what I found interesting.

Are you willing to start learning something new?

If you’re going to move into something completely different and interesting you’re going to have to learn new things.  You might decide to teach yourself or your might think going back to school is the right thing for you.

Both work well.  It really comes down to a personal preference.  I hope that you’ve spent the last thirty years of your life being a life long learner.  If you have, then learning new things will come naturally.  If not, you’re probably going to have a steeper learning curve.  I hope you become brave and start learning again.

You’re already used to change.

If you’ve had several jobs in your life you’ve already learned how to deal with change.  Now it’s time for you take change and make it your friend. 

When you changed jobs in the past I bet there’s a good chance it wasn’t something you choose.  Then you found that the change actually worked in your favor.  Keep this in mind as you think about the change we used to call retirement.

If you decide to start a new career and you’re 62 years old I can see where it would be challenging.  If you’re doing it for fun, keep it light and don’t take yourself too seriously.  After all, you’re now a beginner again.

Working with young people will keep you young.

Sometimes when I work with people who are thirty years old I feel like I’ve gone to a new planet.  Then I find that their thought processes are really pretty interesting.

You’re going to have to get over your pre-conceptions about what is right and wrong.  You’re going to find that young people do things differently and that it’s really not bad after all.

The best thing about working with young people is they haven’t become jaded.  The world is still fresh for them and it’ll become fresh for you.  Doesn’t this sound like a pretty cool deal?

After all it’s about having a great life.

You know when you retire you don’t have to start a new career.  You could play lots of golf, spend time with your friends and keep doing what you’re comfortable with.

The cool thing about growing old today is if we’re lucky we have choices.  We can continue doing what we know, we can really retire or we can start something completely new.  I want you to really think about what will make you happy and then take that road.  I think you’ll like what you see.

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