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Here's some statistics that are a little sad.

  • Only 50% of the people in the US have a will.
  • Only 5% of the people in the US even share their will.
  • Even worse, most of the time all the wealth that gets accumulated in a family disspaears by the third generation.

If any of these statistics have you concerned, you should do something about it.

Start by putting a will together.

This should not be a hard thing to do.  Pick up the phone now, call you attorney and ask them who can help you put together your will.  See, that's not very hard is it?

Next, go to the appointment and make sure you bring your significant other with you.  At least that's a start for you thinking about what should be in your will and impacting one of the people it will affect.

What if I have a will?

If you already have a will, call a family meeting.  Again, not very hard to do.

Next, have a conversation with everyone about what's in your will.  If you don't get a comment back, don't worry, that's what always happens.

You must keep asking people what they think until someone tells you made a mistake someplace.  If your family just says, whatever you want is OK with me is a sure sign that everything isn't OK.

Really, you need to spend some time working on this.  It's important.

Too often people resent you after you're gone.

The purpose of this is to get everyone on the same page.  You need to be thinking about what your family is going to think after you're gone.

Did they think you were fair?  Did they think you did the right things?  You're never going to find out unless and until you have that conversation.  The truth is too few people have a will and almost no one wants to talk about it.

Yes, this is an uncomfortable situation.  And yes, it's an important conversation to have.  

I have a question for you?  Are you willing to have this uncomfortable conversation?  If the answer is yes, I want you to do two things.  First, leave a comment below and second, take the free Willing Wisdom Index.  It'll take you all of twelve minutes, you'll get a free report and you'll learn what you might want to do if you don't want to be cursed at your death.

The choice is yours.

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