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I’ve been complaining for a long time about the lack of good customer service.  Too often I do business with a company only to be sorely disappointed.  If your company isn’t credible, how can you expect repeat buyers?  And we all know that without repeat buyers it’s very difficult for your business to prosper.

It all starts with being trustworthy.

If your company doesn’t care about its customers there’s no way you can be trustworthy.  Great service starts and probably ends with how much you care and even love your customers.  If you don’t truly value them, they’ll know it.

I bet you’ve been on an airplane where the CEO comes on and tells you how much they care about your business.  Do you believe what he’s saying for even a second?  If you’re like me the answer is a resounding NO.  There reason……the company could care less if you fly with them or not.  Their actions yell this at you every step of the way.

Do you tell the truth?

Do you tell your customers the truth?  When you make a mistake do you own up to the mistake?  Do you do your best to make the inconvenience your customer just had go away?  More importantly, do your employees help in this quest?

Going back to the airlines.  Maybe the CEO really does care about customer service.  If so, why do you think his employees could care less?  When I fly I have the overwhelming feeling that I’m just a giant inconvenience to airline employees.  I hope that’s not how your employees treat your customers?

Do you think like a customer?

This was one of our pillars when I had my vending company.  It’s still a pillar today.  When you call our firm, I ask everyone who answers to phone to answer the phone like they’re talking to themselves.  Treat our customers like they want to be treated.

Companies that provide great service all have employees who think like customers.  These employees make it easy for you to buy things.  Isn’t that an attractive idea?

It’s not when you do it right.

I know this might be hard to believe.  Great service really isn’t what you do right; it’s how well you correct things when they go wrong.  When you do things right no one gives it a second thought.  It’s when you screw things up that your actions count.

This is when you get a chance to think like a customer.  This is when you get to apologize and apologize in a way that’s believable and credible.  If you’re really sorry and will go out of your way to make it the mistake less painful for your customers, you become a star in their eyes.  I’m hoping you want to be a star.

Being credible isn’t always the easiest path.

Let’s face it; it’s much easier to just move on when things go wrong.  It’s what the airlines do, it’s what companies you hate doing business do. 

Instead, think about the companies you love to do business with.  Do they go out of their way to make your experience a good one?  If they do, I bet they have lots of credibility and you likely even trust that they’ll do the right thing.

It’s easy, just think like a customer and everything will be fine.

Part of providing great service is great training.  Instead of doing an annual review, why don’t you think about changing to a coaching process.  I invite you to download our performance coaching mind map.  You’ll learn a different way of helping your employees do the right thing.

performance coaching mind map

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