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I was recently at a meeting where it was opened with a picture of a person who had been instrumental in the success of the company. The CEO of the company started singing the praises of this person. Unfortunately, the person the CEO was talking about was dead. He never got a chance to hear how important he was to the company.

Don’t wait until they’re dead.

Don’t be like that CEO. I doubt he ever told the person he was talking about how important they were in the business and in the CEO’s life. Make sure you tell people while they’re alive. It’ll make the day for both of you.

It you’re talking about someone after they’ve died it’s too late.

Why don’t you think about the people who are important in your life and let them know what they’ve meant to you? Better yet, why don’t you make a habit of telling at least one person a day how important they are in your life? There’s something about telling another person how great they are that makes both your days a winner.

Appreciation should not be a once in a while thing.

You can’t think why should I tell someone something nice, after all I told them two years ago how good they are. You really should think about how other people help make your life better. When you spend time thinking about positive things that have happened in your life you’ll see your life get better.

Don’t just say I love you once in a while.

This is a big one. How many times have you read a story that ended with I wish I had told my husband, child, wife, friend how much I love them. If you’re thinking loved, you’re probably too late.

Love is not a bad word. It’s one we should use more often. Love should not be relegated to only talking to your family. What about friends and co-workers? What about your work? Hopefully you love some of them also.

Love letters are nice.

Have you ever gotten a love letter? How did it make you feel? You don’t have to spend a lot of time writing one. A few lines is fine. Appreciation and love do make the world go around. Too often we focus on what we don’t want. Take some time and focus on what you do want and say thank-you to those who have helped. You might even tell them how much you love what they’ve done for your life.

What do you think? Is love part of your vocabulary? What would happen if it was?

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