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I was recently at John Mauldin’s Strategic Investment Conference.  One of the speakers was Neil Howe, a demographer who pays lots of attention to what’s going on in the country.  He mentioned during his talk that there are four million jobs openings right now.

Who would have thought that?  All we hear in the media is about all of the people who can’t find work.  Don’t you think it might be a good idea to spend at least a little time talking about this opportunity……or, is it a problem?

Start with training programs.

I remember seeing the guy who’s the host on Dirty Jobs being interviewed on TV.  He said that there were 1.5 million blue-collar jobs that are open.  Many of them pay close to $100,000 per year.

He maintained that we aren’t training those who would be better off working blue-collar jobs than going to college.  I agree we need to stop having everyone go on a college track.  Some people are just better suited for traditional blue-collar jobs.

An awful lot of these jobs are really good paying.  It’s a shame we just leave them open.

Let’s finally get something done on immigration.

The other 2.5 million jobs that are open are professional and technical jobs.  Why we don’t give everyone who goes to school in the US and graduates with either a math or engineering degree a green card is beyond me.

We need to get over this national belief that immigration is bad.  In fact, immigration is about the only thing that’s going to save our social security problem.

It’s not about being politically correct.

We need certain types of workers in this country.  If we can find people who have the skills and want to immigrate, why not let them in.

Our immigration policy doesn’t have to be about welcoming everyone.  It does need to be adjusted and adjusted quickly to cover jobs we need filled now.

This is even true on a micro-level.

With literally every business owner I speak with they have high skilled jobs that are open.  Besides having jobs open they’re having a very difficult time finding good people to fill those jobs.

Not all of the jobs are even technical in nature.  I have associates who have jobs open in sales, marketing and customer service as well as jobs in engineering.  Finding good people is a challenge.  Even though we supposedly have a 7% unemployment rate, there doesn’t seem to be enough good people to fill jobs that should be easy to fill.

We’re hurting our national competitiveness.

When we allow millions of jobs to go unfilled, we cause a national competitiveness problem.  Companies can’t provide great service when they need people.  Businesses can’t innovate and bring new products to market.  You get the idea.

It’s time for us to stop playing politics.  This is something that should be easy for people on both sides of the isle to agree on. 

Just a few thoughts from Northern Vermont from someone who actually talks to business owners every day.

We have a case study on hiring for unique abilities.  If you use this format, I bet you’ll find it easier to identify and recruit the right people for your company.

hiring for unique abilities

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