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It’s time for another one of my rants. As with all of them this is my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of my broker dealer NFP Securities or anyone else in my firm. Whew, that’s out of the way, now on to the rant.

Kill Corporate welfare first

I’m really tired of people talking about welfare being out of control. Yes, there is a point that we need more personal responsibility in the world. I get that. At the same time those who are complaining the most and the loudest are the ones with their hands out.

Government shouldn’t pick winners and losers

Are you trying to tell me that our farmers don’t get a great deal? I would love to be paid for not growing things or taking land out of production. The last I checked, that’s welfare.

How about hospitals that get reimbursements that are 40% higher than docs in private practice. Have you noticed that docs in your community that are in private practice are becoming a rare thing? It’s not just because new docs don’t want to own a business. The economics are becoming harder and harder. Is this what we want our corporate governmental stance to be?

Oil companies really need help?

Are you kidding? The largest companies in the world are oil companies. They really need help from the government? Why hasn’t anyone in Congress figured out that it’s time for oil companies to stand on their own two feet? Hey, we might have to pay 5 cents more per gallon, but at least we’ll start being consistent. And unlike the auto bailout, this isn’t a loan; it’s a reduction in their tax bill.

In the end, it’s about political contributions (payoffs)

The way our politicians get elected is broken. Is it any wonder that we have a huge corporate welfare system that never gets talked about? Without contributions from special interest groups, politicians wouldn’t have the funds to get elected.

There are no political action committees for individuals on welfare. There sure are lots of them on the corporate side. I’ve never gotten any special help from the government in any business I’ve been in. I don’t mind paying taxes and I don’t even mind regulations. I get why they’re there. I do resent the big companies and institutions not having to follow the same rules I do.

I could go on, but you get the idea!

I could write a few more pages but by now you get the idea. We have a broken system that’s controlled by special interests. I’ve been feeling the US is sinking for the past twenty years. Part of the problem is the continued support that special interests get in our country. Banks have wrecked our financial system, airlines have become monopolies without having oversite, oil companies do what they want and we keep hearing how the government is unfair to big business. Really? Is this something you believe? If you do, I have a bridge for sale.

No offer today. Just write a letter or better yet go visit a legislator and put real pressure on them to start acting in a rational way. I guess I can dream.

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